Host a Screening of “Where Is Our Place?”

“Where Is Our Place?” is a 35-minute documentary depicting the day-to-day lives of Christians in Iraq. It was created in 2016, just after Fr. Chris Bishop first went to Iraq to build relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters there. Other, shorter videos are linked on this Website. They document the projects and progress made since 2016.

SWIC’s project areas focus on education, restarting family farms in northern Iraq on the Nineveh Plains, and helping small business owners rebuild after devastation by ISIS. The COVID pandemic set many of the communities back again so our support is needed now more than ever.

Stand With Iraqi Christians offers the opportunity for schools, religious institutions, and other organizations to host a film screening of “Where Is Our Place?” as a fundraiser to provide financial support for Iraqi Christians, and to provide education about their plight. Sharing the story of what has happened to Iraqi Christians is a powerful way to raise awareness, awaken consciences, and motivate loving action so we can be a force for healing and support amid the devastation.

Organizations can learn about our support for both video screenings and formation events at churches by reaching out to us at

We ask:

—That you use the promotional and informational material we supply as intended so SWIC’s message and mission remain consistent.

—That all financial proceeds from the sale of tickets, goodwill offerings, or other fundraising efforts be sent to SWIC in order to further our mission to those we serve. A QR code going directly to PayPal is available, if that would help with fundraising efforts. Checks should be made out to “Stand With Iraqi Christians” and mailed to 400 King of Prussia Road, Radnor, PA 19087.

—You to please share with us the names and email addresses of anyone interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter. Our partners and projects grow continually and we never know when new opportunities will strike a cord in those who have become acquainted with SWIC’s initiatives.

—You to include the URL in promotions.

—For you to share the Map of Iraq, showing SWIC project areas as well as places referenced in the Bible, by going to the Resources Page or visiting SWIC’s Google Map. Our education efforts include connecting contemporary issues with the long and significant history of Iraq for Christians.

Thank you for your interest and willingness to act on behalf of our sisters and brothers in Iraq! We are glad to answer any questions, provide any resources, or aid your efforts in any way we can.

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, too, at at any time. We look forward to hearing all about your event!

“Where Is Our Place?”