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Our Church in Iraq

The Rev. Canon Faiz Basheer Jerjes, clergy for St. George’s Church in Baghdad, Iraq, and Sinan Hanna, Chief Administrator at St. George’s, came to the U.S. in May. While here, they made presentations on the current state of “Our Church in Iraq.

Learn about the extraordinary challenges facing Christians in Iraq, as well as the ways in which Saint George’s, Baghdad, and people here in the United States are working to provide needed support.


The Christian communities in Iraq are some of the oldest in the world, having endured centuries of persecution, armed conflicts and economic devastation. Today they are shrinking precipitously and are at risk of disappearing entirely within our lifetime.  

These Christians need assistance now to restore their economic stability so that they can remain in Iraq, and others still expatriated have a reason to return. SWIC has been providing this assistance through the Family Farm Initiative, funding education programs, and small business redevelopment projects.

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Miracle on the Nineveh Plains


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