Small Business
Redevelopment Grants

This initiative helps Iraqi Christian families remain in their traditional homeland with one-time funding for small businesses with which the grant applicant has prior experience.

Rebuilding Iraqi Christian

The Small Business Redevelopment Initiative was launched in 2022. So far, SWIC has awarded grants to over 18 small businesses. The funding process is straightforward. Each small business submits a proposal, itemizing a budget for $2,000 USD. Once approved, SWIC funds a $1,000 grant coming from our donors and the other $1,000 is funded by our partnering organization, International Christian Concern (ICC). An ICC Field Officer manages the purchasing and helps the owner arrange transportation for items as well as any other logistics.

Hope for the Survivors

There are hundreds of Iraqi Christian small businesses, destroyed by ISIS and other conflicts, that could be given new impetus with a one-time influx of funding to rebuild or grow their operations. There is a great deal of promise for this new initiative, as we continue to focus on our mission to “offer friendship and financial assistance to Iraqi Christians and their communities as they work to restore peace, rebuild society, and secure a future for their children.”

Purpose of Initiative

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Together—We Can Make a Positive Difference

There are hundreds of Iraqi Christian-owned small businesses that could benefit from an influx of funding to rebuild or grow their operations. The businesses sponsored agree to provide pictures and information for SWIC to share, and show how the redevelopment funding benefited the wider Iraqi communities.

Our Funding Process

The funding process is as follows: each interested Iraqi Christian small business owner submits a proposal, itemizing a budget for $2,000 USD. Once approved, SWIC funds $1,000 that comes from our donors and grant-giving organizations and another $1,000 is supplied by our partnering organization. Expenses over $2,000 are paid by the business owner and his or her network of family or friends. All grants are one-time only. The focus is on businesses with which the owner previously had experience before having his or her livelihood destroyed due to displacement. Some of the businesses were in the family for multiple generations!

Funds Breakdown

Small Business Redevelopment Initiative Grant Funding All Funds in USD
SWIC Contribution $1,000
Partner’s Contribution $1,000
Contribution by Iraqi Business Owner $50 – $1,000
Total $2,050 – $3,000