Episcopal Church Approves Resolution “Supporting Christians in Iraq”

Father Chris Bishop, on behalf of SWIC, drafted the initial resolution “Supporting Christians in Iraq” to be presented to the 79th Episcopal Church General Convention. The House of Deputies concurred with the resolution. Below is the full text of the final resolution.

The Episcopal Church Resolution
D063 Supporting Christians in Iraq
Committee 05 – World Mission
Proposer Mr. George Vosburgh, Deputy for the Diocese of Pennsylvania
Topic Human Rights

  • Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring, That the General Convention of the Episcopal Church express its support for the right of all Christians and other persecuted minorities in Iraq to live their life of faith and develop their communities free of persecution, discrimination and violence; and be it further
  • Resolved, That the General Convention encourages The Episcopal Church, working in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, to provide prayers, friendship, and material support as determined by the needs and aspirations of Iraq’s Christians, as an expression of our love and recognition of their religious, cultural, and humanitarian inclusion in the sacred Body of Christ; and be it further
  • Resolved, That the Office of Governmental Relations monitor the status of the United States concerning Iraq’s Christians and other religious minorities, urge the State Department to advocate on their behalf, and report back to the Church; and be it further
  • Resolved, That the Secretary of the General Convention inform the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf of this action.