SWIC's mission is to support, through friendship and material aid, the right of Christians and their communities in Iraq to survive and thrive. Join Us Join in Helping
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How the children of Iraq are educated will determine the future of their nation and the world they will inherit. SWIC supports the children at St. George’s School of the Redeemer (SOTR) in Baghdad, and St. Efram’s in Qaraqosh/Bahkdadi. Learn more

We can help rekindle the flame of hope.

In ISIS’s medieval war against modernity and pluralism, the Christians and other religious groups were ruthlessly persecuted, killed, and driven from their homes. A mark of bigotry put over their doors like targets. Their livelihoods, homes, and churches have been destroyed. Although internationally their struggles for revival have often been ignored, there is a burning ember of hope alive in the heart of the Christians who remains. You can help rebuild their lives.

Farming has long sustained Christians on the Nineveh Plains. By funding agricultural businesses, SWIC is instrumental in helping rebuild the economic sustainability of these once-thriving communities. We understand that the future always rests with children, therefore we also invest in education, funding schools for a new, prosperous and diverse Iraq. Today, we are one of the most successful organizations operating on the Nineveh plains.


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Educate Iraqi children