SWIC’s mission is to offer friendship and financial assistance to Iraqi Christians and their communities as they work to restore peace, rebuild society, and secure a future for their children. Join Us

We can help rekindle the flame of hope.

Iraq’s Christian communities need our help. In ISIS’s medieval war against modern culture, Christians and other minority religious groups were ruthlessly persecuted, killed, and forced to flee their homes. Their livelihoods, dwellings, and churches were destroyed, and their doors marked with a symbol of bigotry. Although internationally their struggles for revival have often been ignored, there is a burning ember of hope alive in the heart of the Christians who remain. You can help rebuild their lives.

Farming has long sustained Christians on the Nineveh Plains: a fertile region in northern Iraq where Christians have lived since the 1st Century. By funding agricultural businesses, SWIC is providing a lifeline of economic sustainability to these once-thriving communities. And understanding that the future always rests with children, we also invest in education; funding schools for a new, prosperous, and diverse Iraq. Today, we are one of the most impactful organizations operating on the Nineveh plains, having funded more than a dozen farms and education projects. But there is still a long way to go in restoring these communities. Here is how you can help.

Miracle on the Nineveh Plains


Educate Iraqi children