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Your financial contribution puts tools in their hands and hope in the hearts of displaced Christians as they work to reconstruct their communities.



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“2003–2023 The Challenges Facing Iraqi Christians—Finding a Way Forward” Final Report

The past twenty years have been a transformative time for Iraq’s Christian community, who have watched their population decline due to violence, marginalization, and other types of persecution. Despite these challenges, many Iraqi Christians have a strong love towards their country. This collaborative report provides you with overarching factors to help you both understand and respond.


Christianity in Iraq is Perilously Close to Extinction

Years of devastation by ISIS and militia activity, followed by the pandemic, have forced Christians to flee from their ancestral homelands. Some have returned and some want to return, but they need to know that there is a safe and economically viable future for them in Iraq. 

What can you do? SWIC offers opportunities for you to volunteer, help others understand the situation in Iraq, fundraise, and be part of the conversation on Iraq’s rich Christian heritage.

Models for Prosperity Now and into the Future

Small Business
Redevelopment Grants

This initiative helps Iraqi Christian families remain in their traditional homeland with one-time funding for small businesses with which the grant applicant has prior experience.

Family Farm

Our one-time grants help farm families purchase chicks or sheep which they raise to maturity and then sell for profits which are used to buy future rounds of livestock.  Each farm directly supports a multi-generational family.


Long term sustainable progress is rooted in education.  SWIC partners with grassroots organizations that are finding sustainable solutions to meet the fundamental education needs so schools can provide a safe, stable environment where children of all faiths can learn together.

You Make a Difference

Christians who have stayed now want to restore at least part of what they lost but lack capital. By supporting the one-time redevelopment grants for businesses and farms, as well as education, you are helping to build a healthy and sustainable foundation for the current and next generation.


Wafaa, a widow living in Ankawa, has three children and needed to make a living for her family. SWIC donors provided funding for an oven, industrial dough mixer, and other crucial supplies.  Her bakery business is now thriving.

Bassam Laundry

ISIS drove Basam’s family from Mosul, forcing him to leave his business behind.  In Erbil he opened a small sewing shop. With the one-time Small Business Grant from SWIC, Basam purchased a washer, dryer, water heater, and more. Now his laundry and tailoring business is sustainable.

The SWIC Call to Action

  • SWIC looks to the long-term and sustainable building of a new, more secure, prosperous, and tolerant country for Iraq’s extraordinarily diverse peoples.
  • This is the dream of most Iraqis.
  • While SWIC’s focus is on supporting imperiled Christian communities, our commitment is to all of the people of Iraq.
  • We will offer friendship and resources without participating in the historic, ongoing, and often bitter rivalries that have beset the region for millennia.
  • A new Iraq will depend on all of its groups finding and nurturing a common sense of humanity and national purpose.
  • We will never seek to drive out darkness with more darkness, to fight hate with more hate.

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