Get Involved

There are many ways to participate and get involved. Financial donations are, of course, deeply appreciated, but SWIC is also a community of dedicated individuals bringing all of our talents, ideas, and heart to something we feel is of vital importance—the right of all people to exist in peace and security. Perhaps you do social media. Perhaps you’re a fundraiser or event organizer. Perhaps you work in business, finance, or international relations. Or perhaps you just care. We invite you to walk with us!  There are many opportunities such as:

—Promoting the work of SWIC and raising consciousness in your community.

—Fundraising by sponsoring a showing of the SWIC video “Where is Our Place?” and/or other SWIC videos.

—Identifying available grant opportunities for which SWIC could apply.

—Offering skills and expertise by contributing to our social media presence, networking, mailings, grant writing.

—Organizing a Zoom or In-person forum to learn more about Iraqi Christians.

Donating individually or with a group in support of our projects.

—$1,000 funds a small business.

—$6,500 funds a family farm.

As a grassroots organization, Stand With Iraqi Christians is continually seeking to build relationships with new volunteers, organizations, and faith communities.

What special creative, organizational, or professional skills might you contribute to this profoundly important cause? What might stir your heart and what passion can you contribute to make peace and security a reality for Christians in Iraq?  We can assist you in any pursuit because every gift, whether of heart or purse, goes a long way.  Contact us to share your ideas.